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Fishing Reel Design 

Welcome to JPS Engineering for the unique look in fishing reel designs.

JPS Engineering was established in 2004 subsequent to the transfer of Hot Rods & Reels   to Darrell Gwynn.  The Line Burner design along with several other fishing reel designs has evolved since 1998 when the Hot Rods and Reels concept began.  The designs are based on the view that Hot Rodders and car racing enthusiasts also enjoy the sport of fishing. With this in mind, it is the goal of JPS Engineering to associate the two sports through the design of fishing reels. All designs transform Hot Rod automotive parts and concepts into fishing reel components. 

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Our latest design, Line Burner , is a culmination of proven design, engineering and beauty. The design begins with a sketch which is replicated into a clay model.






Then using Alibre Design 3 dimensional solid modeling software, a computer model is generated . Automotive parts are minaturized and positioned using the software. Once completed, units are then transformed into prototypes. Precision molds and billet aluminium reel parts are machined. Other minature features are a stainless steel 4 speed shifter handle, an aluminium fuel cap, a fluted exhaust pipe and of course a "flamed look" which makes Line Burner , stand alone.



JPS Engineering a will offer these reels on a custom built basis.

Here is the Line Burner with flames. Other custom paint schemes are available, for example: The "Lakester" shown in red ,white and blue; The AAR Special in yellow and black; and, The "Woody" in red and oak. This fishing reel has the ability to replace the body should you want a new look.

The Patented design is also available for license . United States Design Patent Number D525,339.  This is the only fishing reel designed with sponsor advertisement mind. The outside case is smooth and uninterrupted making it perfect for any logo or race car  graphic.  Presently the first prototype has been completed. Check back often as development continues. To reserve yours, drop us a line at jpmdsmith@msn.com

"Line Burner" is a trademark of John P. Smith d/b/a JPS Engineering.com

(c) 2006  John P. Smith

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The "Lakester"
The "AAR Special"
The " Woody"
The original line burner shown with available different body and paint schemes.
Check out these cool new Christmas tree light pins
JPS Engineering has created a flashing light pin which replicates the starting line Christmas Tree at a drag race. The LED lights are sequenced exactly as a Pro tree. All details are designed into the mold. Correct colored LEDs, projected image drag strip and distant sky make this pin a nice miniaturization.  They stand out as a conversation starter.  Minimum order quanities are 1000 pieces . To order drop us a line at jpmdsmith@msn.com


(c) 2005 John P. Smith

Here is the Christmas tree pin and some additional views..


These light pins have all the details. All lights are visible just like at the track. Perfect for all race occasions, pit crew hand outs or fan givaways. Custom printing with your logo is available, subject to quanity orders.  Contact jpmdsmith@msn.com

Click on the Movie file to see the light pin in action !

JPS Engineering also has just created this specialty wine rack ! Designed to fit against a wall, this wine rack keeps your counter top clear and utilizes wall space that is wasted. Perfect for along side a microwave or next to a cabinet, this wine rack adds a nice finishing touch to any kitchen. Perfect for use where space is at a premium. It is designed to hold three bottles of wine including any combination of 1.5 liter or  750 ml bottles.


Simple installation - Attaches with 2 screws !

Built from solid steel bar, welded construction and available painted in black or white. Special order chrome or copper plating. Specify wall on left (shown) or wall on right. Overall dimensions :  20" X 12" X 4".

As with all JPS Engineering designs, the form follows Hot Rod parts - the wine holder shape is configured after a coil spring.


Wall on left shown

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